15th Annual PNIG AGM

The Courage to Nurse:  Practices to Sustain the Soul

An invitation to explore how you connect your soul with your role as a Parish Nurse.  With an introduction to Courage and Renewal touchstones and practices, we'll catch a glimpse of how to expand our capacity to listen and be present; improve our ability to build trustworthy relationships; and find the courage to live authentically. 

Please see attachment for full details of date and time for our PNIG Annual General Meeting.  Our guest speaker, Mardi Tindal, is a former Moderator of The United Church of Canada and a Facilitator with the Center for Courage and Renewal.  She leads cross-vocational retreats throughout North America, helping participants connect 'soul with role' in their lives and work. 

Please consider joining us at our AGM this year.


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