16th AGM News and Report

AGM News and Report

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The AGM took place in the St. James Cathedral Centre, a convenient and pleasant location for this years meeting. Attendance was lower than expected but this could be the result of the date change. The executive has decided once again to hold next years meeting to coincide with RNAO's AGM and at the same location. We would like to get feed back from you about this decision and look for ways to make it possible for more to be present.

This year's Education Day takes place on September 30th in the Kitchener Waterloo area, so save the date. More details will be posted soon.

Two important resolutions were passed:

Resolution #1, The Parish Nursing Interest Group will maintain its present relationship as an interest group in RNAO with all the benefits.

Resolution #2 The Parish Nursing Interest Group reduce the annual membership fee to $30 for regular members and $10 for nurses who are retired and for nursing students.

~~Our next newsletter, coming out soon, will have more highlights from our AGM.